Izzi Messina

Izzi brings to Tangibal a passion for customer relations and business development. With a career predominantly involving retail food, banking and finance and local government, Izzi understands the paramount importance in engaging and listening to customers needs and developing solutions to deliver world class renewable solutions tailor made to each individual clients requirements.

With a clear understanding of power consumption costs now a major factor in business operating expenditures, the ability to offer Tangibal customers a solution to reduce cost is a personal passion for Izzi. His extensive network of contacts and natural affinity to people, allows Izzi to engage with customer in the retail, commercial property, manufacturing and government space.

For Izzi, Tangibal Energy provides an opportunity to offer clients renewable energy solutions that provide a concurrent and equally sustainable economic benefit.

Tony Brooks

Level 7, 12 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA, 6000. 


  • Email: enquire@tangibal.energy
  • Phone: 08 9200 4475
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