Tenant Billing

Tenant billing provides a unique investment opportunity affording owners the opportunity to leverage the capital investment of a renewable energy generation asset and create passive income for decades to come.

By commissioning the services of Tangibal Energy, property owners take a significant step on the pat to energy independence for their commercial property asset. By also installing an embedded network and instigating tenant billing, owners are typically able to pay off the capital investment of a renewable energy system in only 3 years, after which they have created a strong passive income stream for themselves that actually makes their project more commercially, environmentally and socially attractive to current and potential tenants.

Tangibal renewable energy systems are designed to maximise the return on investment over a 10 – 25 year timeline. Most of our systems average a return on investment (ROI) of 20% to 30% on today’s current energy prices over 10 years, with returns on investment likely to significantly exceed 30% per annum beyond a 10-year timeline.

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