Embedded Networks

Tangibal Energy recognises that a truly sustainable model of renewable energy is best achieved by implementing a sustainable economic model that not only generates renewable power for our clients but also reengineers their assets’ energy delivery system through embedded networks.

For clients with multi-tenancy assets, embedded networks present an opportunity to boost the passive income that a renewable energy system can provide while at the same time provide a more competitive
With an embedded network and tenant billing system in place, a Tangibal renewable energy system is not only environmentally sustainable but is based on a strong economic model, that also provides tenants the opportunity to share in both the environmental and the economic benefit of a renewable energy system.

By providing the opportunity for multiple tenants to share the environmental and economic benefit, while at the same time increasing an owners’ passive income, commercial and industrial tenancies that utilise a Tangibal embedded network system are better positioned to attract and retain quality tenants.

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