Battery Energy

Advances in battery development are poised to change the landscape for smaller and mid scale renewable energy installations and will play an essential role in achieving energy independence for our clients.

Where a battery solution forms a cost effective part of a client’s renewable energy solution, we source your selection from a full range of both local and international battery products and technologies, optimising the solution to your unique project.

While the inclusion of a battery system as a part of your renewable energy solution is often not yet cost effective for the majority of our clients’ current circumstances, the price of battery solutions are declining as, at the same time, the price of energy continues to increase at well above the rate of inflation.

To ensure that all of our clients are optimally positioned to take advantage of these advances, most of our energy solutions designed with a future battery storage inclusion in mind and with the capacity to install a suitable scale of battery back up as a straight forward future inclusion to your initial renewable generation system.

Battery Power

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