About Us

Tangibal Energy is renewable energy company that specialises in the provision of bespoke hybrid renewable energy systems to commercial and institutional clients.

Whether you are a school, a business or a property investor, energy independence is a game changing advantage and is essential in the 21st century. Tangibal Energy understands how important it is to provide both short and long-term strategies utilising the complete range of renewable energy solutions, management systems, and embedded networks. 

Our Mission

“Energy Independence for our clients” is central to how we design our renewable energy systems.

Our goal goes beyond demonstrating the benefits of installing a system now to also building long-term client relationships to help ensure you continue to maximise the opportunities of your renewable energy asset.  This is why we embed into our design solutions the capacity to adapt and expand your system toward full energy independence as technology develops and energy markets evolve.

Tangibal Energy are committed to protecting our environment for future generations using economically sustainable renewable technology.
We are a trusted sustainability company that creates efficient renewable energy solutions that are delivered with passion, expertise and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction


Our projects typically provide a 25% per annum return on investment and currently average a more than 50% reduction in grid power usage.

Our Company Vision

Tangibal Enery specialises in the provision of bespoke hybrid renewable energy systems to commercial and institutional clients.

Level 7, 12 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA, 6000. 


  • Email: enquire@tangibal.energy
  • Phone: 08 9200 4475
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